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Pictured above is the Miracle Valley Childcare Center (with red roof). The overhead porch was extended on each side. The old sidewalk was removed and a new sidewalk was installed which includes a ramp so that those with wheel chairs can now easily access the entrance of the childcare center.

Miracle Valley Childcare Center facility was recently completely remodeled and up-dated.

Dr. & Mrs. Harter have started and established 3 childcare centers. 

  • Little Angels Day Care Center - Established in 1978 at the Rose Hill Road Church of God in Reynoldsburg, OH. It had an enrollment of 120 children.  Mrs. Harter served 8 years as its Administrator.
  • Playtime Preschool - Started in 1986 at the Pentecostal Worship Center in Whitehall, OH. It had an enrollment of 40 children.  Mrs. Harter served 6 years as its Administrator.
  • Come 'N Play Child Development Center - started in 1989 in Gahanna, OH with an enrollment of 45 children.  Mrs. Harter served as its Administrator from 1989-2003.
  • Miracle Valley Childcare Center - initially licensed for 40 children, MVCC has a potential of having more than 100 children. Miracle Valley accepts Infants (6 weeks and up), Toddlers, 3 Year Olds and Preschoolers.  A Latch-Key Program is ddesigned for Before & After School for children who attend the Palominas and Valley View schools.  For additional information, call 520-366-2000.

Mrs. Harter speaking at graduation of children from Playtime Preschool.

Roberta Harter

Mrs. Harter has been presented special presentations from various childcare agencies from Franklin County and the State of Ohio.  She has also been requested to serve on special childcare boards and agencies.

T & C playing in Day Care_0.JPG

Miracle Valley Childcare Center  

Miracle Valley Childcare Center is on the campus of Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary.

The school is located at 9210 E Miracle Valley Loop in beautiful Miracle Valley, Arizona. 

The campus is located at mile marker 328 on Highway 92 between Sierra Vista and Bisbee, and just west of Palominas, Arizona.

Day Care children.jpg

Miracle Valley Childcare Center provides a special program for Infants through School-agers. 

Every age group has its own classrooom with appropriate toys and educational equipment that is designed especially just for them.

Miracle Valley Childcare Center accepts children starting with infants as young as 6 weeks old and goes up through School-age children at age 12. 

This little fellow is having a wonderful time at Miracle Valley.

austin 05.jpg

cowboy trey_0.jpg

A community-wide Latch-Key program is offered at Miracle Valley Childcare Center.

Childen have lots of fun dressing up and playing music. 

On the left is someone special wearing his cowboy hat and playing his guitar.

Miracle Valley Childcare Center is a "fun-place" for children of all ages. Everyone has lots of fun at Miracle Valley. 

Each age group has its own playground area with appropriate outdoor fun toys

Swings, merry-go-round, teeter-todder.and lots of additional play equipment is available to all the children. 


austin 5.jpg

Full hot nutritious meals meeting United States Department of Agriculture standards will be served twice a day; namely breakfast and lunch. 

In addition, snacks are served at mid-morning and afternoon times. 

No child is hungry at Miracle Valley Childcare Center.

An excellent educational program will be presented. 

  1. The Center is licensed with the State of Arizona. 
  2. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 6:30 AM - 6 PM. 
  3. Transportation will be provided to local schools.

dad 1588_0.jpg



Miracle Valley Childcare Center is viewed as a supplement to the child's family by providing a warm, secure and Christian environment outside the home.  The purpose of the program will be to guide and nurture each child in his/her spiritual, physical, mental and social experiences.


To provide the best possible atmosphere and environment in which the children may receive their pre-school education so that they will be able to enter public or private school ready for continual growth and development.




The care of Infants is flexible to fit the needs of each individual child. 

The teacher devotes the necessary time for each child for feeding, rocking and diaper changing. 

The Infant Program consists of quiet and active supervised play.


Each member of the teaching staff has been employed as a qualified and competent person to provide genuine Christian love and understanding care for each child, according to his/her needs.

The Administrator and the Pastoral Staff of the Miracle Valley Church are available for counseling either with the child or parent if requested.  Miracle Valley Childcare places great emphasis on strong home-school relationship.

The school exists as a non-profit organization with tuition and fees established to defray the primary cost of operation.

  1. Any child care staff member suspecting that a child has been abused or neglected must, by law, report those suspicions.
  2. For any additional information, call (520) 366-2000.

austin crying 1_1.jpg

Trey Web_edited.jpg


No child is be left alone or unsupervised by teacher or parent while at the school. No rough play or running in the building is permitted.

When entering the building, each parent is required to sign the child in on the sign-in sheet and takes the child to his/her class, and makes sure the teacher is aware the child has arrived.

Each teacher keeps a class list with her and marks each child's name as they come in and as they leave in the evening.

A call system is be available both inside and outside the building to summon help in case there is a situation needing another staff person's assistance.

A monthly fire drill is conducted at various times.  Fire, emergency, and weather alert charts are posted in each room and in the hallways stating the responsibility of the staff.

When children are being transported ina vehicle away from the center on field trips, a first-aid kit is in each vehicle.  A person trained in first-aid is available on the trip.  Each child has an indentification attached to him/her indicating name and the center's name, address and telephone number.  Permission slips or a permission sheet is signed by the parent for each event.  State law is adhered to in retraining your child in the vehicle.

  1. A working telephone (366-2000) is available in the building at all times.  Please free feel to phone at any time to check on your child.
  2. A report will be completed for the parent and a copy kept on file for 1 year whenever a child is injured, syrup or ipecac is administered, or a child is transported for emergency purposes.
  3. No aerosol sprays will be used in the center when children are in attendance.
  4. When we go swimming, we use pools that have a life guard on duty.
  5. Any child care staff member suspecting that a child has been abused or neglected must, by law, report those suspicions.
  6. For any additional information, call (520) 366-2000.


If you would like to make a donation to Miracle Valley Childcare Center to help in purchasing additional new equipment, click the following icon saying MAKE A DONATION