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You should see what God is doing at Miracle Valley!

Everyone is involved in cleaning the campus. Joe Lopez is shown here raking the fence line and working hard to get the campus back in shape.
Joe Working Joe Cleaning
Joe Raking the grounds Joe loading the trailer
Joe Lopez Joe getting the work done
Joe gathers the debris Sherman Grady
Miracle Valley today comprises nearly 80 acres of land and it requires a lot of time to mow, trim fence lines, and get everything in shape. Rev. Sherman Grady of Albuquerque, NM is helping to upload the trailer.

The big tent goes in the air on February 20, 2007. Dr. Robinson is pictured here stating there is only one way to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ!
Dr. Robinson Tent being erected
Tent going up Tent is nearly ready
Preparing to setup chairs Side walls go up next
Platform goes in Tent is in background
The big tent went up in the air the last of February.

The crowd begins to arrive.
Roll after roll of cars Walking to Cafeteria
Cross is seen in Prayer Tower Prayer Tower is lite up
Cars still arriving Field is full of Cars
Cars parked on side of Tabernacle Cars next to the Tabernacle

 David Herzog & Dr. Harter  Joshua Mills, Dr. Harter & Jeff Jansen
Jeff Jansen, Dr. Harter & Joshua Mills in front of mural Cars alongside of the Tabernacle
Cars in front of Tabernacle Jeff Jansen ministering
People Praising God Praising God
Everyone magnifying the Lord Spirit upon the people
People raising their hands Magnifying God
Evangelist David Herzog and his conference team had an exceptional “Resurrected Glory Conference.” There was a good attendance in every service. David Herzog declared the day of supernatural miracles was not over, that God has now called a new generation into the supernatural. Many people testified of the miraculous that was occurring under the gospel tent.
Sid Roth Roth having people to testify
Woman testifies to being healed Woman praying
Some of the Miracle Valley staff gave a tour of the large Allen tabernacle to Sid Roth, who hosts a television program entitled, “The Supernatural.” Sid stated that he had never sensed the glory of God as he did while in the tabernacle. While in the large tabernacle, Sid laid his hands on Lee Belcher, a staff member who works in the Evangelism Department of the Bible College. Belcher immediately fell to the floor under the power of God. Dr. Dennis Robinson requested that Sid pray for him as well. When hands were laid on Dr. Robinson, he went backwards nearly 20 feet and then fell to the floor where he remained for 25 minutes. Dr. Robinson later testified that the power of God hit him in his stomach. Sid informed us that sometime in the near future he would like to do one of his television programs from inside the tabernacle, a place where many outstanding miracles involving the supernatural had occurred.
Dr. Harter preached under the gospel tent on Sunday morning. He preached on the “Power of God.” Following his message, a prayer-line was formed. A good number of people went through the special prayer-line and testified that they had never felt the power of the Holy Ghost like they did that Sunday morning.
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills and Jeff Jansen were guest speakers of David Herzog. Pictured here is Joshua Mills in prayer, laying across the top of A. A. Allen's crypt. During an evening service under the tent, the Spirit of God came upon Joshua Mills and he began to prophesy about God’s Spirit and power upon Miracle Valley.
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
A. A. Allen’s Burial Site Joshua Mills
There is plenty of good food in the cafeteria. Everyone enjoys the fellowship and food during the conference. Not only was there great food for everyone, but the Spirit of God fell upon many while in the cafeteria. One two separate occasions, God moved upon everyone present and soon prayer lines were formed as ministers began to pray for many of those whom the Holy Spirit fell upon.